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Much too often Massachusetts pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles. Soft tissue injuries, fractures, scarring, and even death can result when inattentive drivers strike pedestrians. Boston pedestrian accident lawyer Christopher Earley has handled many cases because unfortunately, these incidents happen all too frequently.

These accidents frequently occur in crosswalks.  It is important to know what your rights are if you were struck as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle, regardless if you were inside or outside of a crosswalk.

Nationwide Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, most pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas.  This makes sense, especially in a congested city like Boston, where there is a high concentration of pedestrians and cars.   Further, the most common type of pedestrian accident is when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle traveling straight.  This type of accident tends to happen most frequently on roads with speed limits less than 40 mph, and about half occur at intersections.

Further, most pedestrian accident deaths tend to occur in rural areas as cars in these areas are typically traveling at higher speeds than they do in urban areas.  In 2015 roughly 5376 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles.  There were also more than 70,000 total pedestrian accidents caused by motor vehicles in that same year.

Payment of Your Medical Bills

The car insurance company for the person who struck you is responsible to pay for your “reasonable and necessary” medical bills following the accident.  This is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits.  These benefits pay for ambulance, hospital, and all other follow-up medical treatment related to the accident.  Your private health insurance company may also be responsible for paying your medical bills you incur following the accident.

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Payment of Lost Wages

PIP is also available for lost wages.  If you lose time from work then the car insurance company for the person who hit you is responsible for paying 75% of your gross lost wages that result from the accident.  Necessary paperwork must be filled out by your employer to establish the amount of lost wages you sustained.

Payment for Pain and Suffering

Another source of recovery for you is for pain and suffering.  This is non-taxable money paid to you for the physical and mental distress caused by the accident. Please note your accident-related medical bills must be at least $2000 to collect pain and suffering damages.  This compensation is also available for scarring and disfigurement.

Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Christopher Earley Will Fight For You

  • We recently obtained a $100,000 settlement for a pedestrian struck by a car who developed serious personal injuries as a result.
  • We also recently recovered a settlement for a toddler that was hit by a car who had a good recovery from his injuries.

Contact Boston pedestrian accident Lawyer Christopher Earley and read about our office’s successful case results for our pedestrian clients struck by motor vehicles.

We offer completely free, no-obligation consultations.  Call today to get started with your case if you were negligently injured in a Boston pedestrian accident.

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