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Conference---smallIf you had a slip and fall accident you came to the right place for help.  These accidents can cause very serious injuries.  Our Boston slip and fall lawyer Christopher Earley can help get you the compensation you deserve if you were injured in a Massachusetts slip and fall accident.  We only get paid if your case settles.

Often Massachusetts slip and fall accidents could have been entirely avoided had a property owner exercised reasonable care to make their property safe.  Examples of necessary safety precautions include keeping floors clean and in a non-slippery condition, ensuring that railings are properly secured, shoveling snow and clearing ice, making sure tripping hazards do not exist, and making sure stairwells do not pose a danger.

If you experience a slip and fall fall it is important to take photos of what caused the fall.  It possible, get the names of any witnesses that saw your fall.  Reporting the accident as soon as possible to the owner of the property is important.  Additionally, if you are in pain it is crucial you receive the necessary medical treatment to address your injuries.

Examples of slip and fall cases my office successfully handles are:

  • Slips and falls in stores


  • Slips and falls on snow and ice


  • Staircase falls


  • Slips and falls at work


  • Any and all other slip and fall cases

Boston Slip And Fall Lawyer Legal Services

We are highly experienced with slip and fall cases, and we have been successful with cases that other lawyers reject.  Our mission is simple: to work relentlessly to achieve the best possible outcome for each client we serve.  We have successfully handled hundreds of Massachusetts slip and fall accident cases.  We offer you:

  • Experience with all types of Massachusetts slip and fall accidents


  • Persistent dedication to each case to ensure the best possible case result


  • Access to top-flight engineers and other slip and fall expert consultants


  • Personal attention to each and every client we serve


  • A proven track record of success

Boston slip and fall lawyer

Contact us now to get answers to your Massachusetts slip and fall attorney questions, even on nights and weekends, and find out more about us.  Read what our clients say about our services, and our five-star Google reviews.

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