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Comprender las Demandas por Negligencia Médica
Comprender las complejidades de la negligencia médica y los derechos de los pacientes exige navegar por un laberinto de términos y principios jurídicos. Sin embargo, es esencial que tanto el público en general como los profesionales comprendan estos conceptos para garantizar la justicia y la responsabilidad en la asistencia sanitaria.

Cuando los médicos o las enfermeras cometen errores, pueden surgir grandes problemas. A veces pueden darle el medicamento equivocado o tardar demasiado en averiguar qué le está enfermando y causando dolor y sufrimiento.

Estos errores se denominan negligencia médica o mala praxis. Es cuando los profesionales sanitarios no le atienden como deberían. Esto puede causar mucho dolor y problemas a las personas y crea la posibilidad de demandas por negligencia médica.

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Proving Medical Negligence: Essential Elements in Cases
Understanding the complexities of medical malpractice, negligence, and patient rights requires navigating through a maze of legal terms and principles. Yet, it’s essential for both the general public and professionals to grasp these concepts to ensure justice and accountability in healthcare.

When doctors or nurses make mistakes, it can lead to big problems. Sometimes they might give you the wrong medicine or take too long to figure out what’s making you sick and causing pain and suffering.

These mistakes are called medical negligence or malpractice. It’s when health care professionals don’t take care of you the way they should. This can cause a lot of pain and trouble for people and creates the possibility of medical negligence claims.

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Lawyer Signing Legal Papers
La negligencia médica es un problema grave que puede tener consecuencias devastadoras para los pacientes y sus familias. Es crucial comprender las complejidades de este campo, la necesidad de representación legal y los pasos que hay que dar para llevar adelante un caso. 

Este artículo proporciona una guía para entender las demandas por negligencia médica, la importancia de los abogados en estos casos y una visión eficaz del proceso legal.

Comprender la negligencia médica

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Lawyer Signing Legal Papers
Medical malpractice is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences for patients and their families. Understanding the complexities of this field, the need for legal representation, and the steps involved in pursuing a case is crucial. 

This article provides a guide to understanding medical malpractice lawsuits, the importance of attorneys in these cases, and an effective view of the legal process.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Published on: has a great article out today about the alarming numbers which suggest the vast majority of doctors can expect to have  a claim filed against he/she over the course of a career.  Here is the article:

Over career, most doctors in US will face lawsuit

By Chelsea Conaboy Globe Staff / August 18, 2011

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This disappointing news comes courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis lost his lawsuit today against two surgeons who he said were negligent in treating him when he underwent gastric bypass surgery five years ago.

Michael Mone, the attorney for Weis, who is now head coach at Notre Dame, said he doubted that his client would try to appeal the decision.

“Obviously, Mr. Weis and I are disappointed. We recognize these cases are very difficult. They involve very complicated medical facts, and the jury listens to very different views on complicated medical facts. Medical malpractice cases are very difficult.

“We will consider an appeal, but we have no intention to do so. There are no issues that came up at the trial that would appear to be the basis for an appeal.”

Mone said Weis was flying back to South Bend, Ind. this afternoon and couldn’t be reached for comment.

Weis contended in his lawsuit that Massachusetts General Hospital surgeons Charles Ferguson and Richard Hodin had acted negligently by allowing him to bleed internally for 30 hours after the procedure June 14, 2002.

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